My Mission

My mission is to teach. To show what Judaism has to offer and how living its life can be reconciled with modernity and living in two worlds.  And to make this learning enjoyable.

Most people want certainty and prefer not to ask uncomfortable questions. I believe in questioning. I do not believe in brainwashing or in closing minds. I embrace the fuzzy boundaries and inconsistencies of human beings and the process by which Judaism has developed, and continues to develop, to meet challenges.

Reality has many facets and there are “seventy faces to Torah.” I want to show the richness of tradition and its way of helping us cope with the challenges of life in our times. My goal is to help people find their own place in Judaism based on knowledge and experience.


Most Recent Commentary

  • Intersectionality: The New False God
    When young people arrive at college, nowadays, they are likely to be confronted by a new, dogmatic orthodoxy. It has nothing to do directly with religion, but has all the negative hallmarks of fundamentalism: my way or no way. It is the theory of intersectionality. This says, in a nutshell, that every form of oppression must unite us all in trying to eradicate it. That sounds fair enough. I would agree with that in principle. But then you read the small print. Intersectionality is now the ... Continue Reading

Most Recent Video Commentary

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Can we Talk About Religion

In this enlightening look at spirituality, professor and rabbi Jeremy Rosen investigates the nature and aims of religions, their role in human communities, and their potential for compatibility with modern societies that promote tolerance and unity.

Can We Talk About God

Does God exist?  Is God provable?  More often than not, when questions like this arise, rational thinkers want to run for the hills - but what if it's possible to objectively analyze God and other matters of faith?

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds

Rabbi Rosen addresses the myriad social, political and cultural challenges facing Judaism today in this stunning collection of blogs, essays and papers that share his sensitive yet thought-provoking analysis of modern Jewish life.