Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds Vol. 6

This sixth collection of weekly essays on Jewish life combines a personal religious perspective with a Western intellectual tradition. The essays cover topics from religious ethical challenges to history, politics, and culture and to challenge, instruct, and entertain.

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds Vol. 5

In this fifth collection of Rabbi Rosen’s insightful, wide-ranging thoughts on Jewish life and its relationship with the larger world, he provides a compilation of two years of blogs and essays on Jewish religious and political themes as well as cultural, historical, and current topics

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds Vol. 4

This fourth collection of blogs and essays covers 2019 through 2021. It deals with Jewish religious and political issues, Bible, festivals, culture and ideas, and anti-Judaism. It isdesigned to instruct and entertain without being too heavy or technical

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds Vol. 3

In this third collection of Rosen’s insightful, wide-ranging thoughts on Jewish life and its relationship with the larger world, he reveals a moderate who is nonetheless deeply committed to his ideals. Rosen deftly jumps from discussions on feminism and current affairs to art, history, politics, and more.

Commitment and Controversy: Living in Two Worlds Vol. 2

In this new compilation of recent blogs, Jeremy Rosen draws on his experience as a rabbi, academic and teacher to provide insights on the issues facing life as a Jew in a western, open society, covering Jewish customs, tradition, and theology as well as history, politics and current affairs.

Varieties of Jewish Religious Thought

An exploration of ideas that are the core of Jewish tradition and identity. Using both rational and mystical approaches to the issues of Jewish theology, this book is aimed at the thinking, critical person who is unable to accept dogma without question or inquiry.

Can we Talk About Religion

In this enlightening look at spirituality, professor and rabbi Jeremy Rosen investigates the nature and aims of religions, their role in human communities, and their potential for compatibility with modern societies that promote tolerance and unity.

Can We Talk About God

Does God exist?  Is God provable?  More often than not, when questions like this arise, rational thinkers want to run for the hills - but what if it's possible to objectively analyze God and other matters of faith?

Commitment and Controversy: Collected Blogs Vol.1 

Rabbi Rosen addresses the myriad social, political and cultural challenges facing Judaism today in this stunning collection of blogs, essays and papers that share his sensitive yet thought-provoking analysis of modern Jewish life.

Kabbalah Inspirations

This basic introduction to the Kabbalah looks at its history and core ideas. An easy way to begin ones adventure into the world of Jewish mysticism.


Carmel College

A history of the first thirty-five years of the Jewish Public School established by the author’s father in 1948 and over which he presided from 1971 to 1984. Modeled on the best of the British Public Schools it tried to offer the best of two worlds, Athens and Jerusalem. An interesting and inspiring experiment in Jewish boarding school education in Britain that closed in 1997.

Kopul Rosen

Rabbi Doctor Kopul Rosen, the author’s father, was a dynamic and charismatic rabbi who quickly rose to become the Principal Rabbi of the Federation of Synagogues in the United Kingdom. Only his age prevented him succeeding chief Rabbi Hertz in 1946. He left the rabbinate to concentrate on education, founding Carmel College in 1948. He died tragically young at the age of 48.

Mad Messiah

A fantasy “autobiography” of the controversial seventeenth century Ottoman False Messiah Shabbetai Zvi. In which he tries to justify himself as combating rigidity in the Jewish establishment of the time and his desire to expand Jewish settlement in the Holy Land. When he was threatened with death he became a Muslim and tried to bring the three major monotheistic religions together. In the end, he failed at everything he tried.

Beyond the Pulpit

A collection of short essays and columns written in the context of the British Rabbinate.

Understanding Judaism

Commissioned by a Scottish University for students of religion, this book gives a basic introduction to Jewish History, religion and practice. It is a useful handbook that looks at Judaism from a traditional, committed point of view. Useful for beginners.

Exploding Myths that Jews Believe

Using mainly Talmudic sources, this early book explains why the most basic principles of Jewish life and the Jewish tradition can be understood in many ways and are much less dogmatic than we think.