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Durban II


You may recall the scandalous “World Conference Against Racism” in Durban in 2001. United Nations initiated, funded, and promoted what turned into an unabashed, orchestrated orgy of anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli hatred. While humans were being murdered, raped, and discriminated against in most of the countries sitting on the Human Rights Council, the only aim was to vilify Israel and accuse it of racism. There was no debate, no free exchange of ideas. Any attempt at an alternative viewpoint was howled down. As with most fanatics, abuse was the only tool of persuasion. Aggressive posturing is associated with chimpanzees and with humans who know they are talking rubbish.

Now I am not pushing the victim line that everyone hates us. A lot clearly do and want us dead. Neither am I suggesting Israel or the Jews are anywhere near perfect. I accept that two wrongs do not make a right. No, I am arguing exclusively about honesty and debate.

Durban I demonstrated once again the danger of the UN. Dictators who deprive citizens of equality are in charge of its agencies, and evil men like Robert Mugabe, who deprives his own people of food, or Ahmadinejad, who preaches genocide, or Chavez, who trashes synagogues, are feted and applauded.

Durban II has arrived. The follow-up conference will be held in Geneva in April. Despite assurances that it would not be allowed to turn into another example of racism itself, it will be just that. What is more, it will campaign to ban any criticism of Islam as racism. In other words, anything that Islam does must be right, above reproach, and protected from criticism. Everyone who disagrees is wrong and racist.

America and the EU promised to ensure there would be no repeat of Durban I. They deluded themselves into thinking the UN Human Rights sickos are interested in logic or open discussion. After seeing the scheduled proceedings and motions, the USA, Canada, and Italy have now joined Israel in refusing to attend because it is clear that nothing can be done to prevent the dogs returning to their vomit. The EU is prevaricating because it is frightened of its Muslim minorities. The criminals have been put in charge of the courts. Anyone who tries to present a different viewpoint is simply ostracized; the conference removes the credentials of any group such as the World Union of Progressive Judaism for daring to criticize Hamas. (Durban is such a nice place. What a shame it will now be forever associated with howling barbarians.)

So what are supposed to do?

The Book of Proverbs Chapter 26, verse 4, says, “Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you become like him.” And then in verse 5 says, “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.” Surely this is an obvious contradiction?

I think it means that if a fool can in any way comprehend a different point of view, you owe it to him to try to put him right. But if you are dealing with such a closed mind that nothing can get through the prejudice or the hatred, then do not even try to engage in debate, because you may begin to wonder whether there might be something wrong with your position.

The world has gone mad. Most Muslims are killed by Muslims. They used to say it is a rich man’s world. Now it is a world run by crooks and fools. You can lie about anything, distort images, if it aids Islamic politics. It is time to use the same kind of tactics–crude and simplistic slogans–to fight back. No, of course we must not sacrifice our morality, but we can play power games too.

It reminds me of an incident when I was a headmaster, many years ago, and I used to train and travel with a school soccer team. Most of the schools we went to were English town and country schools where no one had ever seen a Jew before, and not a few were Christian religious institutions. Invariably our opponents would swear and curse us. It was part of the competitive rough-and-tumble of UK soccer where you try to intimidate the other side in any way you can. Most of the time I would advise our boys to ignore it. On one occasion the cursing got so bad and focused so crudely and specifically on Jews that the kids were getting really distressed. At halftime they asked me what to do. I said, “The next time someone kicks you and calls you a f*****g Jew, just turn round and call him a f*****g Christian.” Amazingly, within five minutes of the restart the cursing stopped.

I’m not suggesting these should be the only tactics we use. We must combat hatred in lots of different ways, including examining our own tactics and politics. But we need to invest heavily in the propaganda war. We know from the commercial world how easy it is to manipulate.

To retreat behind a fortress, either militarily or ideologically, is a defeatist position. When faced with such manifest prejudice, no attempt at reason will work. The UN proves this is a waste of time and energy.

We should be at Geneva–not inside but outside, in front of the cameras with our own slogans. Boycott anyone who boycotts Jews. Quote statistics of how many die in other conflicts. Scrap the UN and use the billions saved for an international bailout!