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Osama Bin Laden is right!


Osama Bin Ladin is right! The Saudi Arabians are the real threat to world peace. The ruling clique is so corrupt that like many such cases I know of, they resort to supporting religious extremism as a sort of easy penance.

And, like all such self-deluding oligarchs, they always blame someone else for their own faults. So I read in The Times that the Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is certain that “Al Qaeda is the work of the Zionists!”

OK, so let me get this right. Osama Bin Laden hates the Saudis; the Saudis hate the Zionists; therefore, Bin Laden is a Zionist! Or, to put it another way, the Saudis hate Bin Laden; Bin Laden hates the Zionists; therefore, the Saudis must love the Zionists!

But, of course, it doesn’t work that way. The Saudis believe that all evil in this world stems from the Jews. The Jews spawned the Zionists. The Zionists spawned Bin Laden, and, therefore, Prince Abdullah’s in-growing toenail is a Zionist conspiracy.

If you haven’t already, you must read Dore Gold’s book on Saudi support of the Wahabbis. The House of Saud continues to fund Wahabbi extremism in the naive belief that their pay offs will protect the corrupt Saudis. They refuse to confront the reality that it is Wahabbiism that is encouraging violence against its enemies whoever and wherever they may be. Danegelt, our Anglo-Saxon Bubbes and Zaides used to call it. Pay the Vikings off. It worked for a while, but eventually Lindisfarne fell.

Now I know I shouldn’t generalize, and there are some lovely, humane Saudis. I just wish they’d raise their voices a little more. Meanwhile the official Saudi authorities oppress their women, disenfranchise most of their own citizens, squander their wealth, refuse to help other downtrodden Muslims except by distributing free inflammatory texts, and it is all a Zionist plot.

And these are the people the British and the American Foreign Office suck up to? Or is it just the taste of oil they like drinking? In which case, guys, we need to go electric, quick!

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