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Double Standards


In Africa, millions are fleeing their homes, tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children have been murdered, a campaign of ethnic cleansing, driving people from their homes is underway. And would you believe it? Not a motion in the United Nations, no condemnation from the Security Council, not a peep, just a visit from Kofi.

If anyone ever still needed evidence of the craven, dishonest, corrupt hypocrisy of the UN, the EU and the rest, here you have it, once again. And there are still those who think the UN is worth preserving and pouring millions into it that would be better spent on humanitarian aid. Why, one wonders, will the UN pick any excuse to pass a motion against Israel but not a word about Sudan? Let me say again Israel should not be judged by the lowest standards but by the highest. Nevertheless where in Heaven’s Name is the logic?

Dafur is a province in Sudan in Africa that borders Chad to its west. Like many northern and central African states it was colonized by Muslim conquerors and used over the centuries as a fruitful source for slaves. But, as in much of Africa, tribal differences remain as a constant source of friction and enmity. “The failed continent” it is often called. A collection of Arab militias known as the Janjaweed have been waging a wicked war against black Muslim tribes that has led to this terrible disaster.

Why doesn’t the world give a damn? Africa has been abandoned politically as a hopeless case. It’s yet another example of Muslim killing Muslim or Arabs killing Blacks. This failure of humanity saddens me. But then why aren’t the Arabs who make such a fuss about one part of the world simply not caring about their co-religionists in another? The fact is they have a different agenda. They want to sustain the Palestinian conflict because it is more marketable in a Christian society and it distracts attention from their own corrupt regimes. This does not excuse anything. But it explains why we should not trust them, the UN, the EU, or any other biased body.

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